Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is just a pic from the ride from Incheon Airport to Bundang. 
Love Asian Air!!  

I made it to Bundang early this morning.  There were 4 of us on the flight from Chicago to Seoul & another couple we met up at the airport.  The school picked us up and took us to our school, which by the way is much bigger than the pictures give the impression.  We were then dropped off at our apartments for about an hour & then back again to school for a tour.  This school is awesome!! Kicks Beaver Dams ass any day.  The classrooms are newer and much bigger. The admin is very friendly and laid back.  Yes, that patio off the school was built for BBQs.  KIS is actually on a mountain/large hill range and there are nature trails and soon to be a disc golf course (frolfing to BD)

My apartment is just a little guy, but it's very nice.  I have a view of some apt buildings and some of the mountains.  I'm on the 16th floor so down below I can see hundreds of signs that I can't read.  The koreans seem to love advertising... signs, girls in skimpy clothes giving samples, video ads in the grocery aisle, yes I saw it all today.

After our school tour we went to E-mart aka korean Walmart.  The difference being that it is numerous levels and they sell Chanel sunglasses. I got a hair dryer, fan, and straightener amoung other things.  Oh they also have Miller Lite and for some awful reason Carlo Rossi. Well I better get going, I got to meet a group for dinner and take my first subway ride.  I have to figure out how to post photos, because I'm already putting my asian skills to the test.

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