Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Hood

This is the view from my apartment, the mountains in the background are the same that my school is on.
My living room
the a korean twin is more like a double. FYI the sheets are really wierd, they're like a textured mattress pad, sick.
Kitchen: note the clothes washer in place of the dishwasher, naturally under the stove. I bought a coffee maker too :) 
A normal bathroom. Some of my co-workers have the shady italia style hose coming from the wall over the toliet and no curtain.  
The building on the left-center is my apartment building.  Whoo hoo high rise! It's pretty great. So apparently I live in the wealthiest neighborhood of the wealthiest suburb of Seoul. I haven't gone out in my hood, but a few of my peeps have and it's pretty expensive.  Fortunately the subway is literally a block away.

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