Saturday, August 29, 2009

Singing in Korean

I was catching up on my Colbert Report one day and I found these videos.  Love the k-pop dancing.  They take their dancing and karaoke pretty seriously here.  Rain is a huge star here, so this is hilarious.

Stephen Colbert singing in Korean

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm not in the mood to write much, so here's some pics :)

Friday night social with the school peeps, at of course WA Bar.  Good times, we even went dancing later :)

It was kinda cute, so I could only chew on it's legs.

Staff hike that Sunday. 

Seoul Art Center- we saw Pinocchio here.. it's my least favorite Disney, but it was free.
Out to eat before Chong Dong Theater.
For a mere 5 won we could try on the costumes.. ah delightful touristy fun.

Elise, Beth, & Jess rocking the awesome hair.
We've gotten into the bad habit of doing the asian peace sign pose.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

River walk

Yet another post.  I seem to take quite a few pictures. Fortunately the Koreans also take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I completely stand out.  If I'm not with one of my friends I hardly ever see another westerner. Oh along with the picture taking the koreans always do this backward peace sign pose.  I have no idea what it means. I'll have to take a pic of it.
This is where I go walking or running at night.  Paths go on both sides of the river and they are amazingly busy. There a few cute little dogs that remind me of Nala.  Everyone has small dogs here since they have apartments. They're not mean like Chicagoians keeping the big guys locked up all day.
I get stared down easily a few dozen times walking the path.  When I run it's even more.  Apparently girls don't run often in public or break a sweat.  The Koreans have there little matching cute workout outfits.  
My apartment building on the far right.
This is a waterpark that they drain at night.
My block at night. Lots of lights.
I finally got to the water park during the day when the kids were swimming. They have tents set up that families picnic under.  There's a section thats kind of like a non-moving lazy river.

Walk home- if only you could see the little old lady's mask.  It's pretty common for a few people to be walking around wearing a construction worker style dust mask.  

Checking out Insadong

We walked from Seoul tower over to Insadong. Hitting up Myeong-dong on the way

Shopping fanatics.  Pictures don't do this street justice.  Almost every chain possible had a store here. Not to mention the dozen make up and beauty supply stores.
Guys and gal getting their nails done on the street. Korea is full of random oddities.
Shoe shopping at 1opm

Buddhist souvenir shops on the way to Jogyesa Temple.  There were even "designer" monk clothes. 

Gate into Jogyesa-this is one of my favorite places thus far.
The monk was chanting and even late at night people kept dropping in to pray.
Jogyesa Temple- morning pray was going on. A monk was chanting and the visitors prayed along with.  It sounded amazing. There are 3 massive Buddha statues inside.
Happy lil Buddha I wasn't supposed to take a picture of. Yes, play the dumb tourist.
Monk peeing, couldn't read, but I thought it meant no peeing on the wall. Turns out it was the bathrooms.
Discovering random alleyways
Mandu from a little alley way restaurant we went to.
Lot's of pottery shops in Insadong.  Actually lots of artisty-touristy shops in Insadong. 
While in Insadong we got caught in the rain. We stopped under the trees of this park, but decided to look for a tea/coffee shop, a non-starbucks or dunkin donuts one. We found the Travel Cafe Bula. It was a great relaxing place.  There was a mural on the wall in the same style as the drawing in Seoul tower. Not the same artist however.
We had Korean style green tea. We only soaked the leaves in the teapot for about 10 seconds, but it was really good.

The decor of the travel cafe was very eclectic/ kitschy.  It kind of reminded me of a few coffee shops in Madison. I'll be going back here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seoul Venture

Seoul Tower- We got to ride a cable car up!! FYI It's on a mountain in the middle of Seoul.
Crammed on the cable car

Love this drawing on the window. Mmm paint marker
Some where out there....

I don't think you really get the true size of Seoul unless you go up the tower.  Literally the city as far as you can see. Granted there is some smoggy haze, but it's huge.
Inside the tower is a great place for:
getting your fortune told.  Seriously they are everywhere.