Thursday, August 6, 2009

Checking out Insadong

We walked from Seoul tower over to Insadong. Hitting up Myeong-dong on the way

Shopping fanatics.  Pictures don't do this street justice.  Almost every chain possible had a store here. Not to mention the dozen make up and beauty supply stores.
Guys and gal getting their nails done on the street. Korea is full of random oddities.
Shoe shopping at 1opm

Buddhist souvenir shops on the way to Jogyesa Temple.  There were even "designer" monk clothes. 

Gate into Jogyesa-this is one of my favorite places thus far.
The monk was chanting and even late at night people kept dropping in to pray.
Jogyesa Temple- morning pray was going on. A monk was chanting and the visitors prayed along with.  It sounded amazing. There are 3 massive Buddha statues inside.
Happy lil Buddha I wasn't supposed to take a picture of. Yes, play the dumb tourist.
Monk peeing, couldn't read, but I thought it meant no peeing on the wall. Turns out it was the bathrooms.
Discovering random alleyways
Mandu from a little alley way restaurant we went to.
Lot's of pottery shops in Insadong.  Actually lots of artisty-touristy shops in Insadong. 
While in Insadong we got caught in the rain. We stopped under the trees of this park, but decided to look for a tea/coffee shop, a non-starbucks or dunkin donuts one. We found the Travel Cafe Bula. It was a great relaxing place.  There was a mural on the wall in the same style as the drawing in Seoul tower. Not the same artist however.
We had Korean style green tea. We only soaked the leaves in the teapot for about 10 seconds, but it was really good.

The decor of the travel cafe was very eclectic/ kitschy.  It kind of reminded me of a few coffee shops in Madison. I'll be going back here.

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