Thursday, August 6, 2009

River walk

Yet another post.  I seem to take quite a few pictures. Fortunately the Koreans also take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I completely stand out.  If I'm not with one of my friends I hardly ever see another westerner. Oh along with the picture taking the koreans always do this backward peace sign pose.  I have no idea what it means. I'll have to take a pic of it.
This is where I go walking or running at night.  Paths go on both sides of the river and they are amazingly busy. There a few cute little dogs that remind me of Nala.  Everyone has small dogs here since they have apartments. They're not mean like Chicagoians keeping the big guys locked up all day.
I get stared down easily a few dozen times walking the path.  When I run it's even more.  Apparently girls don't run often in public or break a sweat.  The Koreans have there little matching cute workout outfits.  
My apartment building on the far right.
This is a waterpark that they drain at night.
My block at night. Lots of lights.
I finally got to the water park during the day when the kids were swimming. They have tents set up that families picnic under.  There's a section thats kind of like a non-moving lazy river.

Walk home- if only you could see the little old lady's mask.  It's pretty common for a few people to be walking around wearing a construction worker style dust mask.  

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