Monday, September 7, 2009


I really need to do a whole post on the Korean culture. It's interesting, frustrating, and hilarious. There are so many things here that are opposite of how it seems things should be.  I'll start out with a list of random things, but pictures are really needed for some of it.

Interesting facts/observations about Korea:

1. Men carry purses- there is nothing man bag about their gucci purses. I saw a guy with a green clutch the other day. At first I thought guys were just carrying them for girls, nope. I've seen a few that were pretty cute and I want. That goes for guys and their bags.

2. Koreans are brand whores- They are obsessed with designer labels. I think Koreans are even better dressed than the Italians or Brits. 

Korean men's casual uniform-Polo brand polo, True Religion jeans or khakis rolled into capris, and Chucks/Havaianas.

Girls uniform- must must wear heels. Could be with a dress or athletic pants. Worn with a designer handbag or knock off.

FYI- it more than ok to wear socks with sandals, strappy heels, or any other footwear that they should not be worn with.

3. Walking-Koreans do not walk on the right side. They do not walk on the left side. They walk where ever they please. This also applies to bikes and shopping carts. You  should have seen costco.

4. Kimchi & rice are served with every meal. I had thought it was an exaggeration.

5. Family mart's outdoor picnic tables is the best neighborhood bar- convience stores that have outdoor tables for drinking cheap beer at. Lil old men in hiking garb can be found here at night. As can teachers just getting off work :)

6. Beer-Korean beer has a lot of sugar in it guaranteeing the worst hangover of your life. You can have a headache off 2 cans of the stuff.

7. The kids are adorable here and a lot more likely to come up and say hello.

8. Korea is like a humid jungle in the summer. 

I actually have these brilliant little containers with some kind of chalky rock in it that absorb some of the moisture. After having one open for 2 weeks, I have about an inch of water in it. 

9. the Korean food is amazing! I have liked everything I've tried so far. It's also much healthier.

10. Plastic surgery- Koreans are obsessed with it here. About 30% of our high school girls have had some kind of surgery. There are ads in the subways and on the streets for it. 

11.Bugs- the kids are scared shitless of bugs, actually the adults are too. they freak out when they see one. It may be the worst thing that could happen during class.

12. English-There are a lot of Koreans that can speak english and a lot that can not. They are very sneaky about letting you know they speak fluently. The korean goal is to get an education at an American university- so many have lived abroad. I've had a few people apologize for not knowing english. No, I'm pretty sure it's my fault I have to point and grunt out jibberish when ordering.

13. Diapers- apparently the koreans don't believe in them, because twice now I've seen mom's whipping their kids pants down and holding them to pee in the street. Yea...

I will try to take some photos of some of these spectacles. You really have to see it to get it.

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