Monday, October 19, 2009

Sports in Seoul

One of the first weekends in Seoul I joined Jen to play in an ultimate frisbee tournament. It was intense. The heat was insane and the players were pretty hardcore. This is us hours later at the FC Seoul soccer game.
Loving the Korean soccer players.
The little kids were so cute. Korean kids actually come to school dressed in their full on soccer gear. Cleats, socks, matching shorts. It doesn't even have to be game day.
The fans are intense. The Koreans are paranoid about germs yet they sell fireworks- Roman candles /sparklers in the kids aisle at Emart. They also use them in places that would be banned in the states.
Here's a clip from the soccer game. Not the greatest, but a little taste of Korean soccer.

Doosan!! We're at the Doosan Bear's game here. They have these awesome sticks for cheering.

It's a week night so pretty small crowd. The weekends get pretty packed...or so my taxi ride showed me.
The crew at the baseball game. We got scared away from our GS 25 table by the wacko hogwon teacher that kept creeping around.
The Olympics were also in Seoul in 1988. There are a lot of really nice parks and concert venues because of it.
video video

These videos are of the "cheer leaders" of Korean baseball. There are 2 girls that do K-pop dances from music videos. The guy in white, with of course gloves is the director. It's a pretty funny combo. Forgive the shaky filming.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Living the tropical Dream

I'm finally updating!! Malaysia and relaxing... slightly reminiscent of Zoolander. Eleven of us spent our fall Chuseok break in Malaysia. I got certified to dive and had a lot of fun with the crew. It went pretty amazingly considering there were 11 of us. Lots of photos to follow.. duh I'm a visual kind of person :)
We're so touristy. Registering for frequent flyer miles. We'll be collecting a lot of these the next two years.
Liz helping me take a picture of the Korean Air stewardess's bow. Their uniforms are immaculate.
Watching the Liverpool game with the local Malaysians.
Hanging out in our courtyard at Tune hotel near the airport. A great place to drink fourties and practice our thumper moves. This place was great, despite the fact that we had a foot of walking space around the bed.

We took a jetty to the island. I love boat rides so it was great. A bit choppy at one point.

This is the view down the island from our resort. We walked that way every morning for our scuba lessons. The restaurants are all also down that way. Restaurant in the island sense. They're a bit rustic, but the seafood was really good.
Mornings were beautiful!
Boat ride to dinner one night. It was unbelievably choppy later at night.

Flora Bay Divers. I highly recommend. Ask for Zamani, he was amazing, even though he said he would take holiday next time we came back. He's like a yoga master of diving, very chill.
"Class" We're reviewing the dive site before we head out. Yay open water!
Gearing up. Zamani guessed all our sizes and weight belts, dead on too.

p.s. we were all taller than him, even Em & I

We spent most of our time underwater. I saw a shark, turtles, nemo's family, bumphead parrot fish, and lots of little guys.
We also perfected our underwater dance moves. Dunk tried to kill us all by making us laugh and choke on water. Thought I might have to pull out an emergency ascent.
Oceans 11 hitting the water
This was what our dive boats were like. We even got to do the backward roll off. It looks pretty bad ass.

I stole these pics from Stools because she has an underwater camera. She took these snorkeling, but we saw them diving.
I kind of chased a porcupine fish, I tried the turtle too, but it was too speedy. And I got the finger wag from our leader. It was wierd to hear noises in the water. I sounded like vader. My jaw actually got tired from death gripping my respirator in my mouth. No way that guy was coming out. We did have to practice loosing our respirator. So like throwing it over our shoulder and reaching around for it. One of the fun dangers of diving is remembering to not hold air in your lungs, so you have to continue blowing the entire time you don't have the respirator in.
We also practiced an emergency descent, where you make an ahhh.... noise the whole time. I'm pretty sure Dunk sang for his. I thought I might run out of air before I got to the top, but I made it. Zamani tapped me on the nose to remind me that I was blowing air out too fast.

Zamani also tortured us by making us do mask clearing. So this means blowing the air out of our mask. He also made us take off our mask completely and put it back on. Definitely not my favorite, however I will be sure to make sure that sucker never comes off.
It was fun to maneuver around the coral. I had no idea how much your breathing affected your buoyancy. Also did you know that canadians call buoys, boy, not booey. Wierd I know.
We had an amazing storm one night. It took out one of our generators, which ironically I had just asked about the day before. Thanks dad! Of course I had to ask. The storm kept us on the island and at our resort. It was a grand ol time of cards and catch phrase. Also the only time we ate dinner at our resort.
Stools befriended this little monkey Ori. I think he had a thing against girls, since he bit two of us. Cute little rascal though.
The view of our dock or pier.

The crew riding back home.
Camp Arwana we'll hold you in our hearts....
Hanging out at the bar. We pretty much dominated the resort as it was the off season, right before the rainy season. We kept Jim the bar keep busy.

This is the dancing crew. Maureen could have outlasted us all our final night. Us young pups had to make her end the night early.
My beloved Red Bull, or Bulleh! exists in Malaysia. Boo Korea... It is actually cheaper than soda in the states at $0.75. The island and rural areas of Malaysia are so cheap. Our lunches were about $2-3 for a plate of pasta that was really good. Kuala Lumpur (KL) was a bit different, but more about KL later.