Monday, October 19, 2009

Sports in Seoul

One of the first weekends in Seoul I joined Jen to play in an ultimate frisbee tournament. It was intense. The heat was insane and the players were pretty hardcore. This is us hours later at the FC Seoul soccer game.
Loving the Korean soccer players.
The little kids were so cute. Korean kids actually come to school dressed in their full on soccer gear. Cleats, socks, matching shorts. It doesn't even have to be game day.
The fans are intense. The Koreans are paranoid about germs yet they sell fireworks- Roman candles /sparklers in the kids aisle at Emart. They also use them in places that would be banned in the states.
Here's a clip from the soccer game. Not the greatest, but a little taste of Korean soccer.

Doosan!! We're at the Doosan Bear's game here. They have these awesome sticks for cheering.

It's a week night so pretty small crowd. The weekends get pretty packed...or so my taxi ride showed me.
The crew at the baseball game. We got scared away from our GS 25 table by the wacko hogwon teacher that kept creeping around.
The Olympics were also in Seoul in 1988. There are a lot of really nice parks and concert venues because of it.
video video

These videos are of the "cheer leaders" of Korean baseball. There are 2 girls that do K-pop dances from music videos. The guy in white, with of course gloves is the director. It's a pretty funny combo. Forgive the shaky filming.

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