Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beijing....Panda Adventures in the Forbidden City

Outside the Forbidden City... I would guestimate that it is bigger than my home town. The weather was a bit chilly on the trip, but this day was gorgeous. I just selected a few photos. We might have gone a bit overboard with Em's camera and using the timer. I guess Korea got to us.

I think this was on the South/East side. I think Chairman Li said this was part of the moat.
Commie hats...which we completely forgot to get at the market
In between two of the gates there was a pretty section with the water and many bridges. Be prepare for my excellent and informed guidance. Next time I will either read up on the Forbidden City more or get a guide, but it was awesome to wander.

Details on a pot that was used to burn something for something...

Lots of doorways, lots of tourists.

Love the red doors.

One of the more intimate courtyards by the "treasure rooms."

Going inside the gardens. I want to come back in the summer.

Outside by the north gate.
Artsy market "Sunday Market" I got some awesome original artwork. I could have spent all day here. A lot of the paintings are copies, but there are some very good originals. I feel bad for how little I paid for an excellent oil painting.