Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowstorm in Korea

We had a lot of snow yesterday that caused school to be closed early. We actually opened for about an hour and had maybe a dozen kids. Seoul ended up getting about 10-12 inches of snow. It was pretty hilarious to watch the snow removal process.

To begin with our school had "heated" sidewalks and roads installed. Apparently last year one of the guards decided to remove the snow the only rational way possible was by hosing it with water. Yes it did turn to ice. So naturally the next step was to install the heated road. Being from the midwest I knew any substantial amount of snow would not melt. Yesterday it failed. We didn't even make it half way up the smaller hill to get to school.

As for snow removal around town. Brooms- like halloween witch style, rakes, and pieces of wood nailed together were used. I did see a few shovels. The competitive Koreans were of course concerned about themselves and cleaned off the side walk in front of their business by pushing all the snow into the road. This caused cars and delivery trucks to get stuck. Fortunately for me I live a block from the subway so I only have to deal with that being a bit more crowded.

Unfortunately I left my camera at school. So you'll have to check out this NPR article for some quality photos.

FYI Heels are still worn in snow and umbrellas are a substitute for hats, gloves, and mitts..... can't compromise the look!

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